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Product Support

Support will be available through the PoolManager forums and in special cases email or even Skype. We love the forums because they give us a chance to hear how PoolManager is being used by fellow developers which can lead to features and improvements. Remember, we are PoolManager users as well, so the better PoolManager gets, the better it is for all of us! Please don't hesitate to say hi on the forums and share any thoughts you have. You don't have to have an issue to stop by and say hi!

(Please note when you join our forums, once your new account is active you will be logged in then shown a bunch of adds. You can skip these by clicking on the site logo at the top. We are not happy about this and have contacted our forums host.)

Order Support

Please follow this link to get support for PoolManager orders. This link will take you to our distributor's customer support portal for PoolManager.

If you placed an order and have not received the download link with activation code, check your junk mail folder before going to the above link. This usually takes about 10 minutes, but can take longer at times.